WordPress Or Square Space – Which Is A Better Choice For Your Business Website

WordPress or Square space – Which is a better choice for your Business Website

Your Business Website is the most essential part of a large scale marketing base for your newly launched
or growing business. Your business website marks the digital presence of your business in the global
market and amongst your competitors. A strongly launched website contributes to using different online
marketing strategies which will result in driving more traffic to your business.

You may be wondering which would be a better option to build your business website. Among all the
choices available let's discuss the most prominent options – Wordpress vs Squarespace.

If you are looking for freedom and control over to build your website, then Wordpress should be your
choice. Wordpress itself is free and is the most preferable starting point for small businesses. It is
facilitated with a full-featured web content management system and a range of design themes to
choose from. If you have ever thought coding is needed to build your website, Wordpress will help you
overcome it by providing you thousands of plugins that add functionality to the core system. Wordpress can
be chosen if you are looking for a search engine friendly and an open-source to built your website.
On the other hand, Squarespace requires you to spend on your website, however hosting, themes and
plugins are included. Even though the plugins and themes provided are limited unlike WordPress, the once
that are provided are worth the expense. Squarespace gives assurance to be intuitive and user-friendly.
The enhanced customization and quality features are an added advantage if one is looking to create a
professional website.

On the whole, Wordpress is more flexible while Squarespace scores in providing good website design.
When the question “Is Squarespace a better option for WordPress?” or the other way round arises, the
the best solution must be to look into the features required for your business website and to make the

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WordPress or Square space – Which is a better choice for your Business Website

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